Alexa top sites – Blacklist for December/2010

Every month we analyze Alexa’s TOP 1 million site ranking and correlate that data with Google’s blacklist. Our goal is to get an overall view of the sites that are getting hacked, blacklisted, etc.

For Dec-2010, the number is pretty standard, but a little bit lower than previous months. Out of those top 1 million sites, around 2100 had their main domain blacklisted (2,099 to be more exact), a bitt lower than the roughly 2500 in November, and 3k on October. Out of the top 100k, more than 257 were blacklisted by Google.

Over time, only 636 sites that were blacklisted in previous months remain blacklisted, and in the TOP 1 million ranking.

Here are the top 100 sites that were flagged and their respective ranking (You can get the full list here):

Note that the list above is composed of mostly legitimate sites that were hacked, not sites managed by the attackers themselves. The ones managed by the attackers and used to infect others were: – (infected more than 200 sites)., – (randomly generated, infected more than 1k sites) – (infected more than 300 sites) (currently disabled) (disabled as well) (disabled as well) – ( infected more than 100 sites)

And a lot more… We will post more details in future posts. If you have any question or comment about it, let us know.

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