Dre Armeda Presenting on WordPress Security at WordCamp Phoenix 2013

Here is the video for the WordPress Security presentation at WordCamp Phoenix 2013:

Here is the slide deck from the presentation:

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About Dre Armeda

I'm a Harley enthusiast, and a Chargers fan. I wear many hats, and love tacos. I'm infatuated with WordPress, web design, and web security. I work at Sucuri Security. I hope to help make the web a safer place! ~dremeda

  • http://www.frivmini.com/ friv

    it is a time consuming problem to fix

  • http://www.yepi-yepi.com/ Yepi

    I have a question? Is there a way to prohibit anyone from harvesting username on a WordPress installation?

  • http://www.yepididi.com/ Yepi Didi

    it is a time consuming problem to fix