Dreamhost Clients – Possible 500 Errors During Database Migration

This morning Dreamhost released an email to a number of clients notifying them that a database was being moved to a new server. If you’re one of our clients and you receive Website Disabled warnings its likely being generated from this temporary outage.

Please allow the the scanner to run again, once the database server is back up it should update the scanner on the next run.

Here is the message from Dreamshost:

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DreamHost Security Issue Prompts FTP Password Resets

Yesterday on the DreamHost Status Blog, it was announced that all shell/FTP passwords would be reset due to what looks to be a security breach that was discovered on one of the DreamHost database servers.

DreamHost Security BreachDreamHost looks to have done a great job notifying affected customers via the update page, keeping them up-to-date throught out the day until the issue was resolved. It looks like all FTP passwords were indeed reset.

We recommend that all DreamHost customers log into to their accounts and check their account status. It is encouraged that you change your account passwords, and it wouldn’t hurt to change your FTP and database passwords again just to make sure.

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