Backdoor Tool Kit – Today’s Scary Web Malware Reality

We often talk about the importance of keeping your server clean. You can see it in a number of our articles and presentations, this post will likely drive that point home.

This past week we came across a nice little package that we felt compelled to share with you. In it, the attacker makes use of a number of tools designed to help them infiltrate your environment. What’s likely most annoying about this kit is that it’s loaded into your environment, and uses your own resources to help hack you. That’s like being punched in the gut and slapped at the same time, not cool.

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Security Vulnerability in MySQL

A serious security vulnerability discovered in MySQL was disclosed this weekend. It basically allows anyone to bypass authentication and log in directly into the database. We tried on a few 64bit Ubuntu systems and were able to replicate the issue (it seems that only 64 bit platforms are affected).

Crazy theory: Could this be related to the LinkedIn,, eHarmony and other recent breaches? Did any of them have MySQL exposed? Even worse, was this really a bug or a very clever backdoor? What you guys think?

Anyway, back to topic. Sergei Golubchik explained the issue in detail:

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