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A great career in business could be likened to a well penned novel. It will be wrought with twists, sharp turns and will feature dull plateaus as well as the occasional apex. Woven among the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and finally a resolution, the story line of each career can change very quickly. This statement rings even truer in the current world economy. However, while still in movement, any career can always use fresh perspective, direction, and new goals or ideas.

Perhaps you are a serial entrepreneur exploring the possibilities for your next start-up. Or, maybe you are a mid-career professional working toward your next big move. You could possibly be in the process of re-branding yourself to leverage your current position and network in a new improved way. Regardless of the Business/Career stage you are in, Prestige Conference offers not only valuable information, but also quality relationships that can better purpose, position or power your next steps.

Learn From the Best

Our friends at the Prestige Conference have engaged in careful consideration as they evaluated and ultimately decided on which speakers in which they would invest in effort to provide the best opportunities for the personal and professional growth of attendees. Boasting patronage and sponsorship from among arguably the best and brightest minds in the tech and business space, Prestige is an event designed to make real impact for real people. This is one of the many reasons Sucuri has partnered with Prestige and will be represented by our very own Co-Founder and CEO, Tony Perez who speaks at 10am on the business of security.

As a brisk preview, our CEO, Tony Perez, will specifically highlight challenges we have faced as we build one of the fastest growing and most recognizable brands in website security. Attendees will receive a wealth of wisdom as Tony shares what it means to build your business around true value in an industry often riddled with manipulation and skewed with Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) and/or snake oil. Navigating such terrain will undoubtedly offer insight which will be applicable across a variety of backgrounds. Whether you participate in person or view virtually, you are encouraged to tune in and tap into one of the minds on our leadership team that is inspiring and guiding our company into its next phase.

The conference begins TOMORROW and therefore would call you to speedy registration. However, if you are unable to attend in person, you should still capitalize on the conference by taking advantage of their live-stream. No need to miss! Hope to see you there!

2014 Website Defacements

When a website has been defaced, it is often the most visual and obvious hack that a website can suffer from. They also come parceled with their own exquisite sense of dread. Nothing gives that gut-wrenching feeling of “I’ve been hacked” more than seeing this on your home page:


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WordPress Security Presentation by Tony Perez

Tomorrow I will be flying to my hometown (Miami) to give a Website Security presentation to a bunch of enthusiastic online professionals at an event called WordCamp. If you’re not familiar with these events, they are global events put together by the local populace to focus on a specific platform – WordPress. The event is called WordCamp Miami 2013, if you plan to be there definitely look me up.

I will be presenting at 1400 (EST), also known as 2:00 pm to most.

I will be volunteering at the Happiness Bar right after my talk at 1445 (EST), 2:45 pm.

If you’re interested, they are going to be live-streaming the event and you’re more than welcome to watch.

Dre Armeda Presenting on WordPress Security at WordCamp Phoenix 2013

Here is the video for the WordPress Security presentation at WordCamp Phoenix 2013:

Here is the slide deck from the presentation:

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WordCamp Las Vegas 2012 – Tony Perez: WordPress Security – Dealing with Today’s Hacks

Here is a great presentation given by Tony Perez our COO in October of 2012 at WordCamp Las Vegas:

WordPress Security Hangout – Grand Rapids WP Meetup

Every now and then, trying to summarize a conversation doesn’t do it any justice. Here is the discussion in its entirety between Dre Armeda, Mark Jaquith and I, Tony Perez, for the recent Grand Rapids WP Meetup. As you might imagine, it’s about WordPress Security:

It’s lengthy, true, but it covers a number of subjects. Everything from passwords, their management, to hardening and appropriate security controls.

If you’re not familiar with Mark Jaquith, you should be. He has been actively engaged in the WordPress community for 8 years +, is a lead developer for the project and has contributed countless patches to the core, many addressing security issues. If you’re looking for development advise or for a third party audit of your code then he’s about as good as it gets, be sure to check him out at

Dealing with WordPress Malware

A few months back I contributed to a post with Smashing Magazine on the top 4 WordPress Infections, it was released yesterday, and it couldn’t have been at a better time. If any one attended WordCamp Las Vegas you might even find some similarities. Fortunately in the process of preparing for the event and working with the team, we were able to compile a bit more information expanding on the things we originally discussed in the last post. It’s perfect timing for a number of reasons, and will complement this post very nicely.

WordPress Malware
The idea of this post, like many in the past, is to outline and discuss this past weekend’s presentation. In the process, hopefully you take something away. Unfortunately, the presentation was capped off with a live attack and hack, and I won’t be able to include that in this post, but I promise it’s coming.

**Note: If you plan to be at WordCamp Philadelphia 2012 you might be in for some treats, just saying. And if you don’t have it on the calendar, you should.

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WordPress Security Presentation (in Portuguese)

Bruno Borges (from our security team), did a great presentation at WordCamp Sao Paulo (Brazil) about WordPress security and how to keep a site secure.

WordPress Security

The video is in Portuguese (pt-br), and can be viewed here:

Watch live streaming video from primaestudio at

Lockdown WordPress – A Security Webinar with Dre Armeda

We had the opportunity to do a webinar about WordPress security with the guys from iThemes yesterday. Here’s the video for those of you who missed out on the fun:

Dre Armeda from Sucuri Security presented on various WordPress related areas that help reduce risk for website owners and administrators. The webinar includes a high level discussion about the growth of the internet, he goes over some of the more popular malware attacks affecting WordPress users, then offers various tips, tools, and resources to help you reduce risk.

Hope you enjoy!

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