Server Security: OSSEC Integrates Slack and PagerDuty

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We leverage OSSEC extensively to help monitor and protect our servers. If you are not familiar with OSSEC, it is an open source Intrusion Detection System (HIDS); it has a powerful correlation and analysis engine that integrates log analysis, file integrity monitoring, centralized policy enforcement, rootkit detection, real-time alerting, and active response.

It provides complete coverage if you are looking for an endpoint (server) security solution.

If you have not used OSSEC before, I recommend reading my guide to get started:
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WooThemes Security Audit Process & Development Partner WebDevStudios

WooThemes recently released a post talking to an audit that was performed on their various plugins and framework by our team. While true, it is important to note their level of commitment to providing secure products was second to none, it was actually quite refreshing.


The review was an exceptional process and we felt compelled to share some more information into the process.

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