Fox News Website Hacked

We reported yesterday evening that various sites in the Fox web network have been infected with the Pharma Hack. It doesn’t stop there.

I just ran some scans on the official Fox News site ( and here are the results:

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Various Fox Websites Hit With Pharma Hack

Fox Websites Exploited with Pharma HackIf you’ve been following Sucuri, you’ve seen a bunch of discussion around the steadily growing Pharma Hack. As we continue research on the issue we find more and more variations of the exploit.

Earlier this evening, we started noticing various domains from the same network of sites appearing in our test results. It looks like various pages on sites owned or operated by Fox Television Stations, Inc. and/or their affiliates have been compromised. We’ve followed up and scanned a set of these sites, and at the time this post was written, they were still serving the spam exploit.

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