Sucuri Can Help Secure Your Client Websites

Sucuri can help with your client

At Sucuri, we understand that most web professionals and web agencies ultimately need to make their clients part of the decision-making process for choosing to secure their sites.

Overall, website security sounds like a good thing, but how do you position the value of Sucuri’s website security to clients who don’t know (or even care to know) the specifics behind what website security would offer them?

Why is Website Security Important?

Many clients will ask why they should care about website security. It’s simple—they need to protect their websites. If they’re taking the steps to develop an online presence, they must equally secure their web environment against cybercriminals.

Educating clients on the benefits of having a website security solution goes hand-in-hand with understanding the implications of not having a solution in place.

Sure there’s some cost involved but recovering from a security breach is much more expensive. Not to mention, the potentially irreparable damage to a brand’s trustworthiness after an attack. We have even hosted a webinar on how web pros can offer website security to their clients.

Keeping up with the Latest Website Security Trends

The website security landscape changes month to month. What people know as a common vulnerability today or yesterday, will not be the same next week. Zero-day attacks, which are unknown vulnerabilities, show up unexpectedly. If your client website is not shielded with a website firewall, for example, it can suffer a hack.

Knowing how much the website security realm changes means you have to maintain constant visibility on what happens to your client websites. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you, as a web pro or web agency, need to be the one who patches vulnerabilities, hardens the server or does any other security enhancements.  You can have help in order to give your customers the best website security solution available.

We encourage web pros to do some online research on website security vendors, however, we can also assure you that Sucuri is prepared to take excellent care of your client websites.

Sucuri Agency Plans for Web Professionals

We have developed a specific plan to help web pros save time and money. We lift up the weight of protecting your customer websites so you can do what you do best. Our website security web professionals plan is scalable to attend to your needs. This way, you can add and remove websites as your business evolves.

We also offer a dedicated team to work with web pros and web agencies. As part of the Sucuri plan, you can expect to receive:

  • customized onboarding,
  • website security education material,
  • a dedicated account specialist.

Website Security Marketing Kit

Sucuri has developed marketing materials to help educate interested agencies on how to integrate security. As well, this knowledge and service extends to their clients.

Much research and experience has gone into creating a marketing kit for web pros. Included are sample case studies, a suggested checklist to follow for security discussions and implementation. There’s even email templates for best outreach. This marketing kit is free and downloadable.

Together, with Sucuri, agencies can educate their valuable client base in being safer digital citizens by securing their online representation.

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