Virtual Patching for Websites with Sucuri CloudProxy

All software has bugs, and some bugs can lead to security vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities can be extremely dangerous when your software is running over the web, allowing anyone to reach and try to attack it. That’s why patching and keeping web applications updated is so important.
Sucuri Cloud Proxy

The reality is there is no shortage of websites running outdated Joomla installs, or outdated WordPress, or name your favorite CMS. There are also plenty of websites running themes/templates with known vulnerabilities, or forgotten plugins that are being exploited in the wild. The #1 excuse for keeping these web applications outdated is that their websites will break.

We often hear things like “My theme was heavily modified, so I can’t update it”, or “I am afraid it will break some functionality if I update this plugin”, or “I modified core files so now I am stuck”, or even “My web developer left us and nobody knows how this piece of code works”.

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