Targeting mobile devices the easy way

Labs Note

With the outburst of mobile-only malware, we’re seeing a lot of mobile-devices targeted campaigns in last years. There are lot of ways how to make sure that the malware / redirect will be activated only on such a device, including mobile-platform UserAgent detection and similar.

Our analyst 12 noticed, however, one unbelievably simple method. What’s the main difference between mobile and your computer? Yes, the screen size…

<script type="text/javascript"> 
if (screen.width <= 480) {
window.location = "";

The redirect was activated only when the site with it was opened on a small screen (which is a really nice indicator of a mobile device).

Mobile times are here and the attackers know that. We should be aware of our devices security and that each of us is targeted through our little electronic friends. As webmasters, we should know that if we don’t see malware on their sites maybe it’s just because the malware targets a different device. Stay safe!

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