GoDaddy+= Sucuri: Building a Security Platform For Every Website Owner

Authored by Daniel & Tony

We are happy to announce that as of today Sucuri will be joining the GoDaddy family.

This acquisition will bring the best of both worlds. It will allow us to expand our product-line to all GoDaddy customers, while also remaining true to our foundation supporting all our current and future customers.


Since our inception our goal was simple: protect our customers websites – at all costs. This was built on the premise that every website owner should be able to deploy enterprise-grade security, without the enterprise-grade costs. Our approach to achieving this was to build things that delivered real value, while simultaneously staying ahead of the emerging threats.

Joining GoDaddy allows us to achieve this goal at a much larger scale than the one we are currently at. As a product company, this is the greatest challenge!

What Does this Mean for Sucuri?

We will continue to operate as is.  What you can expect however are improvements to our processes and more resources to enable us to continue to invest in the things we love – our team, our customers and our product.

What Does this Mean for Sucuri Customers?

There are no changes to our customers. They will continue to get the service they expect, and they will continue to be Sucuri customers. They can also expect improvements to our support services and products as we invest more in those areas in the coming months and quarters.

Sucuri 2.0

As product people, we believe that we have to be continuously improving and evolving. We see this as version 2.0 for Sucuri, one where we can make bigger and more impactful changes to the website security domain.

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