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Fox News Website Hacked

We reported yesterday evening that various sites in the Fox web network have been infected with the Pharma Hack. It doesn’t stop there.

I just ran some scans on the official Fox News site ( and here are the results:

Fox News Hacked

There are users complaining that their AV software is being triggered when visiting the site.

We are currently researching this issue further and encourage Fox officials to contact us ( We’d be more than happy to help get your sites cleaned up.

More to follow.

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  • Sash

    Did they take you seriously?

    Or go into denial?

    • Like most larger sites, they ignore and attempt to fix. In this case Fox did get the site cleaned up late evening, the same day.

      So I would say a bit of both. Serious enough to look into it and clean it up, but no discussion or public disclosure.

      Have a great weekend!


  • Guest

    It appears that the site has been hacked again, for a couple of days. Visitors are automatically sent to online surveys and game sites, which they can only exit by closing the browser. Someone wants to close 'em down…!

  • Guest

    It has now spread to Look out!

  • wisdoom

    no surprise in how they took the warning, “standard procedure” 🙂