Israel’s permanent mission in the UN web site hacked

As we dig into this blackhat SEO spam network, we are finding more and more sites hacked by them.

One of the sites we discovered is the (Israeli permanent mission in the UN). It is probable they’ve been exploited due to using an old version of Joomla that has security vulnerabilities.

This is the results of our scan against it:

In fact, if you just view their source code you will find all the spam:

Why are these sites getting hacked?

Attackers are using those sites with a high page rank to increase their own rankings on search engines. So when users search for viagra or cialis, their own web sites will show up.

How did it got hacked?

Probably due to an old version of Joomla being used. This same server hosts other Israeli sites, like,,, etc, but it seems they didn’t get affected.

Need help?

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  1. I saw your tweet as I was just in the middle of contacting a well-known Christian magazine, because their website is hosting bh seo spam also–Guess what CMS they are using?



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