Rail Europe trying to sell me Amoxicillin – Pharma hack

I was looking to buy some Amoxicillin online today and didn’t want to get a prescription. So I went to Google and searched for it. Interesting enough, Rail Europe ( http://blog.raileurope.com ) was the first result.

Ok, so I’m kidding, I was not searching for Amoxicillin. I was however being truthful about Rail Europe being hacked with the infamous Blackhat SEO Spam (pharma) technique.

Infecting sites with ads for medicine to treat infections, how awesome is that?

Pharma hack

This is what our scanner detects:

Pharma hack2

And they are not alone. Just for the keyword “Amoxicillin“, you can find hundreds of hacked sites:


This pharma hack is very popular and site owners need to take some action to get it clean up. If your site is infected, these articles should help you understand how it works and how to fix it:

Understanding and cleaning the pharma hack
Understanding and cleaning the pharma hack – Part II

If you don’t know if your site is infected or not, try our scanner and it will let you know: http://sucuri.net. You can also contact us at support@sucuri.net and we will help out.

Site monitoring and security by Sucuri. We clean up the mess 🙂

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