CloudProxy + SPDY = A Faster Website

Our Website Firewall already protects and speeds up over 1,000 websites. Now, it’ll be even faster. We’re happy to announce that we just added support for SPDY (pronounced speedy) across all of our plans and servers. Any website being protected by our CloudProxy Firewall can enable SPDY support with just one click.


If you haven’t heard of SPDY, it is a new protocol developed primarily by Google for transporting web traffic. It reduces page load latency through compression, multiplexing, and prioritization. In non-technical terms, it makes your HTTPS site a lot faster and it is supported by all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Internet users with these browsers can take advantage of this protocol on sites that have SPDY enabled (like,, etc…).

We’re excited about this because while we continue to protect our clients’ websites with our WAF, we will also be helping to make their sites faster and more reliable.

If your site is already being protected by our Website Firewall, just login and enable SPDY. If you haven’t yet protected your website, head to our Website Firewall feature page to see why 1,000’s of clients are using it to shield their site from attacks.

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