Free Website Security Consultation for GoDaddy Pros

Sucuri is partnering with GoDaddy Pro to make the internet more secure, one website professional at a time. Developers, designers, agencies, and freelancers now have an exclusive avenue to level up security knowledge and differentiate their businesses from the competition.

GoDaddy Pro helps web developers and designers save time and money while managing multiple websites. The free membership includes extensive training materials, automation of routine maintenance tasks, and consolidated client management tools.

If you are not yet a GoDaddy Pro member, check out their website to learn more. You don’t need to be a GoDaddy customer to join. Subscribers to the Pro newsletter already enjoy regular features of Sucuri guides, reports, and content to keep website security in the foreground.

As part of the effort to improve how web professionals do business, Sucuri is now providing free security consultations for GoDaddy Pro members!

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Are Your Client Projects Safe?

According to our recent survey of web professionals, fewer than 1% of web service providers currently offer website security as a service. This is despite the fact that over 40% have had a hacked client site in the past and 67% say clients have asked about website security.

GoDaddy Pro members now get access to free website security guidance and mentorship from Sucuri, including:

  • Best practices for securing client projects.
  • Hardening recommendations and a comprehensive security scan.
  • Email templates for security conversations with clients.
  • Security and cleanup guides for WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • Ecommerce security education and a PCI-DSS compliance checklist.
  • The importance of response planning, protection, and monitoring.
  • Steps to make money by offering website security to clients.

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People who build and optimize websites make the internet what it is today. They are also the first people on call when the website has a security incident. Do you have a response plan for website security incidents?

Web professionals need to be armed with the tools and knowledge to protect the visitors and businesses entrusted in their care.

Our hope is that, with ongoing nurturing and education, we can make an impact on the overall security of the web. Partnering with the GoDaddy Pro audience will enable us to make great strides toward this vision.

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