Raising Awareness: WPBeginner Spotlight

Raising Awareness: WPBeginner Spotlight

We’re dedicated to creating the best website security guides and professional services. One way we get our message out is by partnering with open-source CMS communities, web devs, and industry professionals.

Small businesses and bloggers don’t often think about website security, but our partners are doing their part to raise awareness. This includes educating audiences about responsibility and encouraging the use of best practices. This effort will slowly⁠—but surely⁠—help the internet become a safer place.

With that in mind, we’re launching a series of posts to highlight Sucuri partners that make website security a priority.

WPBeginner: Helping Newbies Since 2009

If you’re just getting started with WordPress, WPBeginner is the place to find great tips and guides on a range of topics. For the past 10 years, WPBeginner has been creating easy-to-digest content about getting started and optimizing WordPress websites.

WPBeginner visitors can learn how to build a site with WordPress, improve SEO, increase conversions, and get answers to their WordPress questions. All of their articles and training programs are designed to make it easy for entry-level users. WPBeginner uses Sucuri to secure and speed up their websites. They are also a Sucuri partner and refer their customers to Sucuri.

Intro to WordPress Security

One of the things we love most about WPBeginner is their emphasis on security.

If you join their Facebook group, one of the first questions they ask is what you struggle with most – and security is on the list.

While it might not be the top priority for most website owners, it can be the biggest hurdle in deploying WordPress installations. This is especially true for users who don’t know what they need or how to do it.

There are over 3000 search results for ‘security‘ on WPBeginner’s website. This shows immense dedication to building a safer internet.

WordPress powers 34% of all websites on the internet, and this number grows more each year. New users are the most vulnerable, because no one told them they have to secure their small site. They need guidance to understand their role in website security and the steps they can take to avoid hacks, blacklists, and DDoS attacks.

With over 320,000 subscribers and growing, WPBeginner is a leading force to help non-developers and businesses learn how to make sense of the massive WordPress ecosystem.

How Sucuri Optimizes WPBeginner’s Site Speed

In a recent case study, Syed, the founder of WPBeginner, outlines how WPBeginner got their site speed down to 479 milliseconds and a Google Page Speed score of 100 on desktop. This was done in part due to the Sucuri content delivery network (CDN).

While security is our top priority, a common benefit of the Sucuri Firewall is improved site speed. We’ve also tested caching tools ourselves and provide a number of resources to help website owners with their site speed.

Syed found out that Sucuri has a significant impact on performance:

We’re using Sucuri as our web application firewall. Aside from blocking attacks, they also act as another layer of CDN, and their overall performance is just amazing. I believe they have the best WordPress firewall solution in the market.

A few years ago, we also heard from Syed in the case study he did for us on how Sucuri helped WPBeginner.

Our server load has come down on WPBeginner – insanely! Security is a big thing and is the primary reason we use Sucuri, but the added benefit is the speed aspect – because everything goes through the WAF and it’s that much faster.

We want to say thanks to Syed for everything he does, and congratulations on WPBeginner’s 10 years! We look forward to another 10 years of partnership and continued success.

Become a Partner and Stay Informed

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