Drupal SQL Injection Attempts in the Wild

Update (2014/10/29): The Drupal team just released a Public Service Announcement, confirming what we are seeing (mass compromise of Drupal sites). We've released a new post with recovery information if you did not update in time. This quote
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Highly Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability Patched in Drupal Core

The Drupal team just released a security update for Drupal 7.x to address a highly critical SQL injection vulnerability. This bug can be exploited remotely by non-authenticated users and was classified as "Highly Critical" by the Drupal Security
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Vulnerability Disclosed in SSL 3.0 – This Poodle Bites

It seems that SSL just cannot stay out of the news. Another vulnerability, this time in SSL 3.0, has been disclosed at the Google Online Security Blog. While SSL 3.0 has already been around for almost 15 years, it's still being used throughout the
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WordPress Websites Continue to Get Hacked via MailPoet Plugin Vulnerability

The popular Mailpoet(wysija-newsletters) WordPress plugin had a serious file upload vulnerability a few months back, allowing an attacker to upload files to vulnerable sites. This issue was disclosed months ago and the MailPoet team patched it
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Website Attacks – SQL Injection And The Threat They Present

Sucuri - SQL Injection Example - Load File Abuse

We are starting a new series of articles where we will talk about different active website attacks we are seeing. The first one we will cover is known as a SQL Injection (SQLi). Some might know what a SQL Injection (SQLi) attack looks like, but
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Phishing with help from Compromised WordPress Sites

Gmail Phishing on wp-includes

We get thousands of spam and phishing emails daily. We use good spam filters (along with Gmail) and that greatly reduces the noise in our inbox. Today though, one slipped through the crack and showed up in my personal inbox:
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Website Security: A Case of SEO Poisoning

Sucuri - SEO Poisoining Dirty Home Page

There are so many ways your website can be co-opted by hackers for many different reasons, targeting the value created via your SEO is highly attractive. It provides an attacker the opportunity to cheat the system by quickly benefiting from your raw
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Joomla! 3.3.5 Released – Fixing High Priority Security Issues

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 4.04.31 PM

Update: It seems like there is a glitch in the new version and the Joomla team is urging its users not to upgrade yet. From their twitter: Original post: The Joomla team just released versions 3.3.5, 3.2.6 and 2.5.26, patching high
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Bash – ShellShocker – Attacks Increase in the Wild – Day 1

The Bash ShellShocker vulnerability was first disclosed to the public yesterday, 2014/Sep/24. Just a few hours after the initial release, we started to see a few scans looking for vulnerable servers. Our Website Firewall (CloudProxy) had already
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Bash Vulnerability – Shell Shock – Thousands of cPanel Sites are High Risk

The team behind the Bash project (the most common shell used on Linux) recently issued a patch for a serious vulnerability that could allow for remote command execution on servers running the vulnerable bash versions. Wait, remote command
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