Vulnerability found in the All in One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

The team behind the All in One SEO Pack just released a new version of their popular WordPress plugin. It is a security release patching two privilege escalation vulnerabilities we discovered earlier this week that may affect any web site running
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Analyzing a Malicious iFrame – Following the Eval Trail

Sucuri - JS Infection IV

Over the last week, we’ve been working with some interesting malware injections. Developers and malware prevention professionals usually think of hidden iframes that deliver spam-seo or other malware as easy to spot. Take this injection, for example (
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BaDoink Website Redirect – Malicious Redirections to Porn Websites on Mobile Devices


The past week has brought about a large number of cases where compromised websites had hidden redirections to porn injected into their code. All the infections had a similar pattern where they only targeted mobile devices. They are highly conditional
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Sucuri CloudProxy – Website Firewall Enhancements

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.49.55 AM

When LA's DA says that, "73% of our local businesses appear to have been hacked," it begins to illustrate the importance website protection will play in the future of business, which is why we've placed so much emphasis on website protection on this
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Desktop AVs and Website Security

Brian Dye tells the Wall Street Journal that antivirus tools like his company's Norton suite are effectively "dead” because they catch less than half of all attacks, but from where we sit, that's really just half the story. Does Brian mean that a
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Watch a Layer 7 DDOS Attack – WordPress Security

A few weeks back we reported on very large Layer 7 DDOS attacks within the WordPress ecosystem. Today we decided to provide you a little illustration of what that looks like. Remember, there is a big difference between Brute Force and Denial
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Case Study: Analyzing the Origins of a DDoS Attack


Recently a client was experiencing a massive layer 7 DDOS attack, generating tens of thousands of random HTTP requests per second to the server. The architecture of the website included a cluster of three web servers responsible for handling all
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Does Sucuri work with my host? Yes, Yes we do.

Sucuri Host Distribution

We’ve been scanning and removing malware from websites for years, and in this time frame we have seen the website security domain grow by leaps and bounds. Over the same period, the ubiquity of the internet has reached to all corners of the globe, a
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SiteCheck Extended – Making It Easier to Scan Your Websites

SiteCheck Widget

Sucuri SiteCheck is our free website malware scanner that crawls any website to detect signs of Malware injections, SEO Spam, Blacklisting, Defacement and other similar indicators of a compromised website. It is widely used by Webmasters to
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AdSense Blackmail – Hacking Websites for Profit


We deal with different types of malware injections and compromises everyday and the most common question our clients ask us is, "Why me? Why my small little site?" There are so many answers to this question. In some cases, someone may attack a
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