Malware update – Alex Bodrov –,etc

We will be posting some quick malware updates on our blog from now on. The latest one that is affecting quite a few sites are malicious javascripts being injected directly into the wp-posts table on WordPress sites. Those are the domains being used:

Those were used in the first batch of attacks that happened a few weeks (months) ago:

Details about the malware:

For hosting providers/security companies: Block the IP address – (it is hosting all those sites).

Whois details:

Name: Alex Bodrov
Address: Polubotka 19-10
City: Chernigov
Province/state: Chernigov region
Country: UA
Postal Code: 34586
Phone: +48.7139123463
Fax: +48.7139123463

Name: Alexandr Borisenko
Address: Polubotka 81-38
City: kiev
Province/state: Kiev region
Country: UA
Postal Code: 45675

We will post more details as we learn them.

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