• marc

    thanks for this post! I’m working on the brooklynwaldorf.org website and i just deleted several php files from the root directory (c.php, l.php, cart.php, etc.) and a load of files in our img directory. Wondering if there is anything else to do, but wait and see if our search results recover?

    I’m not sure that I understand the connection to google-traffic-anylitics.com – do you think there are any specific fixes to do here? So far, I’ve only deleted files and changed the ftp password…

  • Eobyte

    My website was being redirected to google-traffic-anylitics.com. They had added a line to my index.php that started with “if($_SERVER[base64_decode” and continued on with a bunch of junk. it was on line 2. I restored the original file but probably could have just deleted that line. Additionally, in my root folder, the file .htaccess had one line added in the middle of the file. It read “RewriteRule ^(p=.*)$ index.php?$1”. My site is back to normal but I don’t yet know how to prevent it again. I hope this helps.

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