EA.com – Please protect your forum or shut it down

A note to EA.com: Please protect your forums or shut it down.

Not only are more than half of the posts (http://forum.ea.com) serving SPAM, they are also being used to affect other web sites. More often than not, when a site gets hacked with SEO Spam, we see links like this one (pointing to EA.com):

purchasing   viagra  overnight &nbsp – Tramadol and pregnancy (http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/2080837.page)

The main page of the forum is all serving spam (see the recent posts) tab:

SPAM at EA.com

If you click most of the forum posts, you’ll be served with a nice SPAM ad:


You can visit the forum by yourself and check it: http://forum.ea.com but do this cautiously, and at your own risk!

We know Blackhat SEO Spam is a tough, ongoing mess to battle, but such a large company can and should be better moderating and securing their public facing forums to protect its users. Ensuring you implement a solid user policy and enforce it in an effort to protect your visitors.

It’s all about being a responsible party folks, be proactive! If you’re going to provide an open forum for your customers, ensure you have their security in mind!

About David Dede

David Dede is a Security Researcher at Sucuri. He spends most of his time dissecting vulnerabilities and security issues. You won't find him on Twitter because he is paranoid about privacy.