Friday the 13th – A Gallery of Webmaster Nightmares

This post is dedicated to all you geeky horror movie fans out there!

One morning you open your website and don’t recognize it. Something is devastatingly wrong. You wipe the sleep from your eyes, and instantly you know that you’re living your worst nightmare…

As you gain early morning focus from what you thought was a good night sleep, a scary face stares back at you, and declares that you’ve been hacked!

When you see it you know it’s, it’s…it’s…it’s Friday the 13th!!!

Hacked Website Defacement

It’s always Friday the 13th for webmasters of defaced sites, regardless of what their calendar tells. It becomes the most unlucky day in their webmaster life, the day when only bad things can happen.

Hacked Website Defacement 2

We, at Sucuri, come across such hacked sites every day. Every day we help website owners like you survive your Friday the 13th. We restore your sites and make sure this don’t happen again.

When your site is finally restored, and you calm down after the stressful fight for your site, it may eventually occur to you that the defaced page was a piece of some weird modern cyber art.

Hacked Website Defacement 3

OK, maybe you weren’t comparing your defacement to your favorite Van Gogh. We have seen defaced websites every day for the last few years, and after a while you start finding artistic value in some of the “hacked by..” pages you come across.

Sometimes they are disturbing and offensive, sometimes they are scary. Sometimes they are funny, and sometimes they even provide security advice.
In the end, they all reflect the sub-culture of h4x0r$.

Hacked Website Defacement 4

In this post, we’d like to share our collection of screenshots of defaced websites. Lean back and submerge into the world of cyber-chaos.
Once you emerge back from the craziness, think to yourself, and ask yourself the simple question, “Am I prepared to deal with such unfortunate events?”

Hacked Website Defacement 5

Hacked Website Defacement 6

Hacked Website Defacement 7

Hacked Website Defacement 8

Hacked Website Defacement 9

Hacked Website Defacement 10

Hacked Website Defacement 11

Hacked Website Defacement 12

Hacked Website Defacement 13

You can find 100 more screenshots and the whole collection on the Sucuri Facebook page.


Have you encountered such defaced pages on the Internet? Share your own website nightmare, on this eery Friday the 13th!

  1. Right. There’s seems nothing more significant than double checking security in the world wide web. The horrors are even magnified especially if you keep important accounts like me. Amusing writeup by the way!

  2. My home/biz system got hacked some 3 months ago by a vicious Russian scheme where they get to you via a compromised Site that YOU think is safe, and it easily bypassed my 3 different (paranoid) security checks.

    Yes, I was on Windows :-{ Needed to run my Dragon Voice-2-Text program. (I’m a writer).
    Apparently untold thousands have been hit with this one:
    “You have been downloading porn and are fined $300”
    Looks quite official. TOTALLY locks up your System in some clever way. You pay or nothing else works!
    I asked everyone I knew on the Net for help. (Been hit several times over the years) “Unbreakable” I was told. Cheaper to pay them.” dozens of times.
    A couple of possible experts wanted a lot of money to even try.
    You couldn’t even reinstall Windoze!!

    *I* fixed it myself, finally after looking at a useless machine for months. I simply installed Linux from a USB and told it to overwrite everything. It did.
    I bit the bullet, switched to two great versions of Linux for Newbies, Uberstudent and Linux Mint and discovered a new world. A SAFE one.
    AND a conversion system that runs anything I needed leftover from Windoze! Even Dragon (which I’m using right now).

    My advice is to get out while you can, people.
    They are just too good at it now. They WILL get you.
    It was just sickos wrecking systems years ago, but now it is a very big industry and better financed than the goodies can even dream of.

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