10 Years of Joomla! – Supporting JoomlaDay Minnesota

As Joomla prepares to celebrate its 10 year anniversary, we want to be certain to join in the festivities.

Why? Because open source platforms allow individuals to better support their families, capitalize on time at home, and maximize earning potential. The follow up questions to these assertions could be: “How do you come to that conclusion? How is that important to a website security firm?”

Making a Better Internet

First, open source platforms provide lower barriers to entry which enable would-be business owners to effectively “start-up.” Of the many users who have opted to utilize Joomla, we recognize the number of successes that make up between 2.5% to 3% of the most prominent 1 million sites worldwide. Alone, that percentage is a great foundation that lends itself to the legitimacy of such an open source community.

However, there is yet another element that ties our interest to the Joomla community. As a company whose core purpose is rooted in providing security, we can appreciate the access, reliability, and sustainability offered through the Joomla! open source community. The goals motivating and maintaining Joomla’s commitment are essentially the same as ours here at Sucuri.

We want our customers to experience a safe and capable Internet. We want them to have an experience that allows them to maximize their online potential without the hassles of nuance and micro-details which can be more easily addressed through an “economies of scale” model. Joomla accomplishes that in the same way we accomplish security for our clients while still facilitating flexibility and customizability.

JoomlaDay Minnesota

Partnering with strong CMS communities, like Joomla!, affords us an opportunity to educate. Web developers, website designers, bloggers and business owners alike benefit greatly from leveraging the power of the platform. Added security knowledge ensures Internet users’ ability to do the following:

  • Properly safeguard their online presence.
  • Develop responsibly.
  • Provide a secure place for their consumers and readers.

Education is a valuable asset to our team as it allows us to better establish long-term goals and build lasting relationships. Partnering with Joomla! for an event like JoomlaDay Minnesota, likewise, enables us to reach hundreds of people who are actively involved in the Joomla! open source community in and around the Minneapolis region. So if you’re in the area, be sure to join us as our own Victor Santoyo takes the stage to present on a variety of security tips that can be easily employed to improve your overall website security posture.

Trusted Leaders in Website Security

Sucuri is also frequently cited on Joomla blogs and in addition to those blogs, we even maintain a Joomla tag for our own blog where you can find our latest research and security notices for Joomla.

The effectiveness of the Joomla platform, as denoted by the 25 thousand top sites operated by Joomla powers, assures us of the value Joomla adds to the open source community. In turn, we are confident that our brand reflects the same ability to put a real face on a real solution to a real problem.

And while on the topic of faces, we would love to see yours! So if you plan to be in the area on July 18th, be sure to look us up and let’s engage. We would love to connect with you.

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