vBulletin Still Redirecting to Myfilestore.com

Labs Note

MyFileStore[.]com redirects from vBulletin sites have been a problem since 2011. It is associated with the VBSEO plugin with multiple unpatched vulnerabilities that has been discontinued for more than 3 year now. You can find more information about this hack here

Since then, the code remains pretty much the same. Only minor changes in variable names. Just search either the datastore table or the includes/datastore/datastore_cache.php file for = preg_replace( with strtr inside of it like:

$gpu = preg_replace($baseline, strtr($arrvb, $ajx, $ajx2), "vbseo");

Preceded by long gibberish stings that look like this:

$arrvb = '[R_=#AH_p[3"rP[abP[#Vj@?Vu=&_S?q!KZ`mu=8%$!zH8.:_T?&KuS"_K.:a}lLaxLN[}/g%>PL_K.nH$,7KuS}a8?}a}apW>L{Vj@bVugR!z?...

Despite the fact that that this hack is very old and VBSEO is no longer supported and should have been already removed from sites, we still regularly clean vBulletin websites affected by this infection.

Please, keep your sites software up-to-date. Secure it to prevent future break-ins.

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