New WordPress Security Guide

New WordPress Security Guide

WordPress has become the most popular CMS and now powers over 28% of the web. With over 60 million downloads, its popularity makes it a prime target for malicious hackers that are looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. If an attacker is able to gain unauthorized access into an insecure website, they can leverage valuable resources for malware or spam campaigns, harming a website’s visitors and reputation.

Our new guide is intended to educate WordPress administrators on basic security techniques and steps to help improve your security posture. We cover important topics that include: preventing exploitations, access control, proactive WordPress security, and hardening recommendations to prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risk of a compromise.

A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Security

We’d like to thank our in-house technical team for contributing to this guide.  Their input helped make this guide more complete and valuable for everyone.

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We also plan to release an infographic and webinar to accompany the guide, as we’ve done with our other website security guides in the past.

Contribute or Get Further Assistance

If you’re having a difficult time completing steps in the guide, you can usually find help by contacting your host or posting on the WordPress Support forums. You can also chat with us to learn how we can help you protect WordPress with our all-in-one website security platform.

These guides are central to our vision of becoming a constant in the evolving world of WordPress security, and we welcome feedback from you – our community of loyal readers. If you want to suggest an update, get in touch with us by emailing:

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