Arbitrary Directory Deletion in WP-Fastest-Cache

Arbitrary Directory Deletion in WP-Fastest-Cache

Exploitation Level: Easy / Remote

DREAD Score: 6.6

Vulnerability: Arbitrary Directory Deletion

Patched Version:

The WP-Fastest-Cache plugin authors released a new update, version, fixing a vulnerability (CVE-2019-6726) present during its install alongside the WP-PostRatings plugin. According to

“A successful attack allows an unauthenticated attacker to specify a path to a directory from which files and
directories will be deleted recursively. The vulnerable code path extracts the path portion of the referrer header and
then uses string concatenation to build an absolute path. This path is then passed to the ‘rm_folder_recursively’
function which deletes folders and their files in a recursive manner.”

Deleting Arbitrary Directories in WordPress

When the correct conditions are met, this vulnerability allows visitors to delete entire directories on affected websites.

public function wp_postratings_clear_fastest_cache($rate_userid, $post_id){
// to remove cache if vote is from homepage or category page or tag
$url = parse_url($_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"]);

$url["path"] = isset($url["path"]) ? $url["path"] : "/index.html";

if($url["path"] == "/"){

The method is hooked to the rate_post action, which is executed by the WP-PostRatings plugin.

Note that WP-PostRatings isn’t vulnerable all by itself. Its presence is just a condition for the exploit to work. If the plugin is not installed, the vulnerability cannot be exploited.

This bug is only exploitable if both plugins are installed and active on the same site.

Thousands of WordPress Sites Affected

In this detailed article, the researcher who found this issue mentions that it may affect close to 10,000 sites.

Since $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] may be controlled by the user, nothing prevents them from sending “” in the Referer field to make the whole website unreachable for anyone.


If you use the WP-Fastest-Cache plugin, we recommend that you update it to its latest version (version as soon as possible.

We always advise webmasters to use as few plugins as possible and keep them all updated.

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