Skip links hacked and serving spam

Interested in Viagra, Cialis and some other “magical” medications? It seems that the MIT web site for the Lean Advancement Initiative ( ) knows a bit about it:

Joking aside, they got hacked and are being used to serve a lot of SPAM. In fact, we were fixing a web site that had a lot of links to it:

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The script is also a bit clever, so if you visit it without any argument, it returns a 404 (try ).
If you visit with an argument, it shows the spam: (try )

The code being used is probably very similar to this one:

If you know anyone at the MIT, let them know about it.

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  • Anonymous

    The All Great MIT got hacked an no one noticed?

    Let me guess they were cavorting for the Vanity Fair shutterbugs all weekend in the Hamptons.

  • "If you know anyone at the MIT, let them know about it."

    As a member of the security field, and the finder of the abuse, why are you not taking the initiative and report it to them? (

  • Anapologetos: Maybe we already did and got no reply? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Is this nightmare over yet?

  • Anonymous

    We have contacted the owners of the server to remediate the issues. The nightmare will be over soon.

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