Skip links – Brazilian University hosting SEO SPAM (Brazilian Federal university in Santa Catarina), one of the biggest universities in Brazil, is hosting SEO SPAM on almost all their departamental web sites: – Department for distant education – Computer science department (using WordPress 2.2) – Engineering department – Mechanical engineering department – Department for child development – Library department

And I could go on and on with this list. Most of them are using old versions of WordPress and Joomla, explaining how they got hacked.

We found it out while analyzing another hacked site that had hundreds of links to

<a href=””
title=”Drug Free Viagra”>Drug Free Viagra
<a href=””
title=”Affordable Cheap Propecia”>Affordable Cheap Propecia

We searched a little more and saw many references to, which had spam similar to what we disclosed in this article. The shame is that they are still using WordPress 2.2… This is the output of our scanner against it:

To search for more sites, use those Google queries:

“buy viagra”
“movie download”

As always, we tried to contact them and got no replies… If you know anyone working there, let them know about it.

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