Argentinean Government web sites hacked with spam

We recently blogged that many sites from the Brazilian government got hacked and were being used as part of a large blackhat SEO spam network.

Well, the Brazilians are not alone and many web sites from the Argentinean government got hacked as well and are being used by spammers. Some of them are official web sites for ministries, states and cities throughout Argentina.
(and many more)

All of them got hacked and you can easily find a lot more sites like that on Google just by searching for “ “cheap viagra” or “cheap cialis””. Examples of Google results:

What’s more scary than the SPAM itself, is that these sites are hacked and nobody is noticing it or taking any action to clean them up. Some of them even have malware, like (

Why are these sites getting hacked?
Attackers are using those sites with a high page rank to increase their own rankings on search engines. So when users search for viagra or cialis, their own web sites will show up.

How are these sites getting hacked?
It is hard to know the root causes for all the sites, but some of them are running old (and vulnerable) versions of WordPress and some have bad-coded custom applications vulnerable to SQL injection. If you know anyone in the Argentina government, let them know about it.

Need help?
Is your site hacked with malware or spam? Need help? Contact or visit us at

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