Introducing Sucuri Labs – Complimenting the Sucuri Research Blog

The content of this site is often a compilation of information derived from our internal lab. Today, we are happy to announce that components of our lab will be made available to the public via The Sucuri Lab.

Features of the Lab

This is not for the average end-user, its designed to offer insight into what we’re seeing on a daily basis and some of the research we are conducting.

On the main page you will find the following:

  • List of the Newest Daily Malware Strings
  • Research Notes
  • Malware Data
  • Sucuri Signatures

If you are a malware ninja and interested you can follow the lab on twitter at Sucuri Labs. If you’re interested in contributing new strings and / or looking for more information you can contact the lab at

About Tony Perez

Tony is the Co-Founder / CEO at Sucuri. His passion lies in educating and bringing awareness about online threats to business owners. His passions revolve around understanding the psychology of bad actors, the impacts and havoc hacks have on website owners, and thinking through the evolution of attacks. You can find his personal thoughts on security at PerezBox and you can follow him on Twitter at @perezbox.