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WordPress 3.4 Released – Update, Update, Update

It’s always very easy to say to update, but the harsh reality is that although the update process has been drastically streamlined over the past few years, there are always a few challenges. Its why we have put together a post on 3 easy steps that you can take to make the process safer.

Please also take a minute to read up on WordPress 3.4 – code name Green. Also, don’t forget to take a minute to scroll through the long list of contributors and if you know one, thank them for helping make the product.

You can find a more comprehensive list of updates and features here:

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

  • Just updated my blog and everything works fine. I wrote my theme byself and it isn’t ready for Custom Headers and these things, so I have no big benefit from the update…

  • $1036511

    WordPress 3.4 and some themes may have some trouble playing nice together. I upgraded a site with a Templatic theme and the upgrade broke pagination. There are several similar posts in the WP forums. I don’t see any security patches or improvements with this release (surprised this isn’t mentioned in this post) and won’t be jumping too fast to upgrade the 50+ WP sites I have.

  • $1036511

    I take that back… WordPress revealed on Twitter that there are security fixes, but it’s not mentioned in the Codex:

  • ideas

    This looks
    absolutely perfect. All these tiny details are made with lot of background
    knowledge. I like it a lot.