How to Add Security to Your Client’s Websites

Website security has crossed the mind of nearly every website owner. However, as a website security company, we know that most webmasters come to us after the fact, when their website has already been compromised. Once hackers have taken over, website owners regret not having protected it when the website was initially launched.

Today, we want to address specifically website service providers. This article aims at explaining to developers, SEO firms, hosts, and web agency owners why offering website security to clients can be very important.

What if Your Clients’ Website is Hacked?

Website service providers are usually expected to take care of their clients’ websites. No matter how well you developed a quality website, leaving it unprotected can be harmful, inevitably leading to the website owner coming to you when their website has been compromised.

Now, how can you offer help to remediate a hacked website if it is not your area of expertise? Can you think of the number of hours you might spend just trying to figure out where the issue lies? And what about the financial cost of dedicating your time to cleaning up a website, when you could have been designing a new one, or working on other marketing/hosting projects?

The responsibility of ensuring that a website is protected falls on the website owner but the expectation of having a worry-free project may fall on the web service provider too. As a web agency, you are the trusted party and first point of contact, so you have the ability to impact your client’s online security posture.

Being Proactive

Having a proactive approach to website security can give you peace of mind. Accounting for security at the beginning of a project has a very positive effect on everything that you do with your clients’ websites.

You might be thinking about how many times you told a client to change his admin password and he left the password as admin there for months. Bringing awareness to security is not as easy as we want it to be, but it is not impossible. Sucuri takes care of hundreds of thousands of websites every day. We are here to help you explain the importance of preventive actions and also help you offer website security services as part of your product profile.

How to Add Security to Your Clients’ Websites

We have three options; one of which I’m sure will suit your client’s profile.

The Agency Plan

If you manage at least 10 websites and want to take the role of website security seriously, this is the perfect plan for you. We offer the flexible Agency Programs for all web professionals – from small ones (minimum of 10 websites) to big ones (over 100 websites).

Our agency multi-site solution was tailored to highlight our monitoring and detection as well as firewall protection platforms.

Our detection platform is a remote and server-side scanning engine. It acts as a fail-safe to detect any malicious code and monitor things like uptime, DNS changes, and other indicators of compromise in order to give you visibility into what is going on with the website.

Our firewall protection blocks the attacks and malicious traffic at the edge of our network. This way, we keep your environment safe from attacks, including zero-day exploits.

Improved performance is also part of the agency solution. The Sucuri Firewall features our built-in CDN which helps boost website by 80% on average.

The Sucuri Agency plan was developed taking into consideration the real needs of web service providers. In this plan, you can benefit from the flexibility of adding and removing websites as needed.

Here is what Julio Taylor, co-founder of Big Spring Web Development, says about having a security solution available for his own clients:

“We like to position ourselves as a team that could potentially fit within our client’s business as opposed to an external agency. The more knowledge we share about digital, online, and internet security, helps us create a better, more valued partnership.”

Josh Hall is a web developer & graphic designer, founder of InTransit Studios who has also been part of the Agency Plan and shows how much he appreciates having a safe harbor for the websites he takes care of:

“I love the Agency Plan, the quick malware removal, and wonderful support ticket system. Sucuri has allowed me to manage an enormous base of client websites without going crazy.”

The Referral Program

If you’re interested in referring your clients to the most trusted website security company, the Referral Program is simple and perfect for you. You can be a referral partner today and receive a commission for every successful referral you send us once the purchase of one of our website solutions has been processed.

The number one reason affiliates tend to recommend us is our reliability – simply because they know we will take care of their clients.  

Syed Balkhi, founder of WP Beginner, testifies how important website security is for his business. Not only does WPBeginner trust Sucuri to protect their own website, but they also refer clients to us!

The Partner Program

If your company is looking for customized configurations that will allow us to partner with you, please contact us and we will show you how we can accommodate to any environment.

The Partner Program will deliver security in a way that satisfies your customer’s needs while optimizing your organizational operations.


By adding website security to your stack, you are adding value to your company. Not only will your clients benefit from knowing that their websites and businesses will be protected, but also that your own company will be seen as a responsible online player.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we may be of help in delivering the best website security option to your clients. We can have a more in-depth conversation about the plan that will better suit your business.

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