Vulnerability Disclosures – A Note To Developers

This post is entirely for developers. Feel free to read, but approach it with that in mind. There is no such thing as bug-free code. We all make mistakes and every piece of software will have issues that we did not anticipate. We ourselves find
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Analysis of the Fancybox-For-WordPress Vulnerability

Sucuri - Fancybox-for-WordPress Code

We were alerted last week of a malware outbreak affecting WordPress sites using version 3.0.2 and lower of the fancybox-for-wordpress plugin. As announced, here are some of the details explaining how attackers could use this vulnerability to inject ma
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The Dynamics of Passwords

Common Passwords [Source:]

How often do you think about the passwords you’re using? Not only for your website, but also for everything else you do on the internet on a daily basis? Are you re-using any of the same passwords to make it easier to remember them? We see it all t
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Analyzing Malicious Redirects in the IP.Board CMS

Although the majority of our posts describe WordPress and Joomla attacks (no wonder, given their market-share), there are still attacks that target smaller CMS’s and we help clean all kinds of sites. This post will be about conditional redirects in I
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Zero-day in the Fancybox-for-WordPress Plugin

Update: We posted an analysis of the vulnerability following this post. Our research team was alerted to a possible malware outbreak affecting many WordPress websites. All the infections had a similar malicious iframe from "203koko" injected into
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Advisory – Dangerous “nonce” leak in UpdraftPlus


Advisory for: UpdraftPlus Security Risk: High Exploitation level: Remote DREAD Score: 7/10 Vulnerability: Privilege Escalation Patched Version: 1.9.51 If you're a user of the UpdraftPlus plugin for WordPress, now is the time to update. During a
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Creative Evasion Technique Against Website Firewalls

Sucuri - HTML Encoding Example

During one of our recent in-house Capture The Flag (CTF) events, I was playing with the idea of what could be done with Non-Breaking Spaces. I really wanted to win and surely there had to be a way through the existing evasion controls. This post is
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Bogus Mobile-Shortcuts WordPress Plugin Injects SEO Spam

Here at Sucuri we see countless cases of SEO spam where a website is compromised in order to spread pharmaceutical advertisements or backlinks to sites selling luxury goods. Most of the time this involves injecting hundreds of spam links into the
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Critical “GHOST” Vulnerability Released

Sucuri - GetHostbyName

A very critical vulnerability affecting the GNU C Library (glibc) is threatening Linux servers for a remote command execution. This security bug was discovered by Qualys security researchers and will probably cause a lot of headaches to those who won
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DDoS from China – Facebook, WordPress and Twitter Users Receiving Sucuri Error Pages

Over the past few weeks, our Security Operation Center (SOC) has been seeing some different, and very suspicious requests to some of our servers. At first we thought it was a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, mainly due to the high
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