.ORG whois reporting DNSSEC status

I was glad to see a handful of whois updates today coming from all the .ORGs that we are monitoring at Sucuri.

Basically now at the end of the Whois, it is showing if that domain is using DNSSEC or not. Example for mozilla.org:

$ whois mozilla.org

Because of that I got hundreds of notifications about those changes:

Sucuri nbim: www.kernel.org whois modified
> DNSSEC:Unsigned

Sucuri nbim: ubuntulinux.org whois modified
> DNSSEC:Unsigned

Sucuri nbim: fsf.org whois modified
> DNSSEC:Unsigned

And many more… Want to stay updated to what is happening with the whois information of your domains? What about DNS changes, site changes, blacklisting status, etc? Try our Internet presence security monitoring for free to get started.

About David Dede

David Dede is a Security Researcher at Sucuri. He spends most of his time dissecting vulnerabilities and security issues. You won't find him on Twitter because he is paranoid about privacy.

  • doru

    I just tried your free scanner. it refuse to scan my "k.ro" domain. I tried "www.k.ro" and got an error: "Something is wrong here. Try again later (err htsa01a)."

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14980808976404159238 http://sucuri.net

    doru: Can you try out again? It looked like a temporary DNS issue…

  • http://evox.ro/ doru

    same error.
    first. it doesn't like that "k.ro" domain is too short.
    second, for http://www.k.ro i still get the same error.
    I originaly tried few others domains and had no problem.
    let me know if I can help you diagnose this. pdoru@nospamers@evox.ro

  • Shyam Mani

    mozilla.org is now signed :)

  • http://411ny.org/ 411ny.org

    How do we get 411NY.org signed?

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