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Google blacklist – No way to request a review for the last two days

We are seeing a big issue on Google for the last few days. Whenever a site got blacklisted, you had the option to request a review after the site was clean. Something like that:

Request blacklist review Google

However, for the last few days Google is not giving the option to users to request a review. It only says the standard message with no review button:

Unfortunately, Google has discovered harmful code on your site.
Some of the infected pages are listed below. Google is providing these pages as a starting point in your investigation and clean-up process. Please also use’s Guide to Cleaning and Securing your Website to identify, address, and prevent any malware activity on your site. Important: Simply removing harmful code from individual pages is not enough to fix the problem; you must also ensure that you identify and address the underlying vulnerabilities that allowed your site to be contaminated.

We were able to see this issue on a few sites ourselves (that we fixed during the weekend) and we still have no option to review them. Quite a few people are also complaining about it on their foruns:

here, here, here, here and a few more places.

Another interesting thing is that the main page for the webmasters tools is not showing the malware warning as well (you have to click on Diagnostics->malware to see it). All in all, a bad day to be blacklisted.

If your site is hacked and/or blacklisted, we can help. Contact us at or go to to get your site blacklist-free to get your site blacklist-free.