Referral Program Update – Now Offering Agency Plan

Referral Program Update

Sucuri’s main objective is to make the internet a safer place for everyone. With that in mind, we created a Referral Program, which gives you the opportunity to advocate for website security and profit from it.

Our referral partners use their custom link to recommend Sucuri products and receive a starting commission of 25% off the total net purchase when a customer signs up for our Platform and Firewall plans.

Agency Referrals

We have an exciting new update to our Referral Program. We are now offering the opportunity to earn a finders fee when referred customers sign up for our Agency plan. Every time partners refer someone who signs up for this type of plan, they receive $100 in commission.

The new feature of our Referral Program allows you to earn money for referring web developers, designers, and other web service providers with multiple websites who sign up for the Agency Plan.

We want to enable our loyal customers and partners to spread the word about how Sucuri is uniquely set up to take care of security for those who manage multiple websites. The Sucuri Agency plan is a flexible and affordable solution for web professionals who want to keep their client sites safe, and by extension, making the web a bit safer for everyone.

Sucuri Agency Plan

While it’s called an agency plan, it’s really a plan tailored for anyone with more than a handful of websites. Some of the main features of the Agency plan are:

Full Spectrum Security

Protect your projects and benefit from faster page speed. Included is protection, detection, performance, and ad hoc incident response.

Dedicated Support

We offer customized onboarding and a dedicated account specialist, with educational resources specifically for agencies working with clients.

Easy Set Up

No installation – we only need web server credentials and a DNS change. Everything is set up quickly in the cloud, with a user-friendly dashboard.

Tiered Volume Discounts

The more sites you have the less you pay per site, allowing web professionals to grow their business instead of taking care of website security.

Flexible Account Management

In this plan, we make it super easy to add and remove sites. It is a flexible plan so that it can be modified to suit growing business needs.

Do You Need More Information?

You can check out our Agency page for more information, but if you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out.

If you wish to subscribe to our referral program now, just click here and fill out the Impact Radius insertion order to create an account. The application will be reviewed and approved in a few days. We want to have you generating new revenue for your online business as quickly as possible.

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