Skip links compromised (the official site for the MySQL database) was compromised via (shocking!) blind SQL injection. A post was sent today to the full disclosure list explaining the issue and dumping part of their internal database structure.

Vulnerable Target :
Host IP :
Web Server : Apache/2.2.15 (Fedora)
Powered-by : PHP/5.2.13
Injection Type : MySQL Blind
Current DB : web

It seems their customer view application was used as the entry point. This is where the attackers were able to list the internal databases, tables and password dump. If you have an account on, we recommend changing your passwords ASAP (especially if you like to reuse them across multiple sites).

What is worse is that they also posted the password dump online and some people started to crack it already. Some of the findings are pretty bad, like the password used by MySQL’s Director of Product Management, it is only 4 numbers long. Multiple admin passwords for were also posted.

The folks at MySQL have yet to say anything about this attack, but we will post more details as we learn more about it.