How To: Enhance User Security with Dreamhost

If you are using DreamHost, we recommend a few options to increase the security of your sites in their environment:

    1. Enhanced User Security

It adds a few security restrictions per site/accounts to minimize the chances of attacks from other users in the same shared server.

    1. Configure a different user account per site

There is also an option to create/isolate each site on different user accounts. We highly recommend it to minimize cross site reinfections.

Website Cross-site Contamination?

Learn more about the threats with cross-contamination by reading some of our recent posts: A Little Tale About Website Cross-Contamination and Website Cross-contamination: Blackhat SEO Spam Malware

About Tony Perez

Tony is the Co-Founder / CEO at Sucuri. His passion lies in educating and bringing awareness about online threats to business owners. His passions revolve around understanding the psychology of bad actors, the impacts and havoc hacks have on website owners, and thinking through the evolution of attacks. You can find his personal thoughts on security at PerezBox and you can follow him on Twitter at @perezbox.

  • Just begs me to say something like, or just move out of a Dreamhost to a host without this security concern, but I won’t.